Mentorship to help you feel confident solving movement problems without using an outdated approach

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Why did we create this program?

We're sick of spending hundreds of thousands and thousands of dollars on continuing education that just taught you some techniques without any real world application on how to solve complex problems  

Learn Our Framework

We will teach you and help you develop all the skills you need to be a complete coach or clinician

Live Coaching Feedback

Two weekly virtual coaching calls to discuss and review the important concepts

Implementation and Troubleshoot

Incorporate everything you are learning while getting help from mentors and colleagues

What are our mentees say?

Our team is here to support you for the rest of your career and our mentees know that which is why 100% of all mentees surveyed said they would recommend us to their colleagues 

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Exclusive recorded content every week

  • Up to three modules per week with condensed and actionable items
  • Learn the foundational concepts to be successful as a coach or clinician
  • Understand the why behind the how and what of what we do
  • Have a tactical framework that you can implement right away
  • Figure out exactly where your client is and how to get them to where they want to go

Live coaching and 1-on-1 coaching

  • Two live coaching call every week that will be recorded which you will have access to
  • Review core concepts and discuss application live time
  • Go over movement skills to develop coaching competency
  • One 1-on-1 coaching call at the end of the mentorship
  • Monthly calls for an additional three months after the initial three months of weekly calls

Additional resources and bonuses

  • Lifetime access to private Slack channel and core curriciulm with full access to your mentors on a daily basis
  • One guest lecture per month, access to previous guest lecture, and future subsequent quarter
  • Additional business lectures, and live coaching videos
  • Database to relevant research articles and recommendations on further learning

Mentorship Curriculum

  • Month 1: Foundations
    • Overview and Mindset
    • Principles, Heuristics, and Methods
    • Subjective Interview
    • Terminology and Models
    • Lower Extremity Mobility Assessment
    • Upper Extremity Mobility Assessment
    • Lower Extremity Capacity Assessment
    • Upper Extremity Capacity Assessment

  • Month 2: Adaptability and Variability
    • Movement Strategies at the Foot
    • Movement Strategies at the Pelvis
    • Movement Strategies at the Ribcage
    • Movement Strategies at the Spine
    • GPP Lower Body Training Considerations and Framework
    • GPP Upper Body Training Considerations and Framework
    • Locomotor Training Considerations and Framework
    • Plyometric Training Considerations and Framework
    • Multidirectional Power/Speed Training Considerations and Framework
    • Medicine Ball Training Considerations and Framework

  • Month 3: Theory and Application
    • Bioenergetic, Biomotor, and Biodynamic
    • Structure and Planning of Training
    • Identifying the Elephant in the Room
    • Reverse Engineering and Scalability
    • Exercise Selection and Lateralization
    • Putting it All Together
    • What They Don't Teach You in School and Navigating Complexity
    • Case Studies from Evaluation to Discharge

  • Guest Speaker Series(20+ lectures from industry leaders)
    • Lee Taft on Multidirectional Speed
    • Rachel Mariotti on Mental Health
    • Dr. Danny Matta on Business and Mindset
    • David Grey on Proximal Hamstring Case Study
    • Lance Brooks on Biomechanics and Locomotor Training
    • Dr. Zak Gabor on Building Community and Entrepreneurship
    • Katie St. Clair on Pelvic Floor and Biomechanics
    • Matt McInnes Watson on Plyometric Training
    • Ryan Hopkins on Isometric Training, Potentiation, and Exercise Sequencing
    • Dr. Ravi Patel on ACL Rehab and Return to Sport
    • Dr. Ray Gorman on Digitalizing Your Business
    • Matt Choi on Content Creation, Branding, and Mindset
    • Dr. Jeremy Paster on Principles of Movement
    • Dr. Katie Dabrowski on Frameworks for Pain, Rehab, and Performance
    • Dr. Sarah Martin, PhD on Neuroscience and Human Movement
    • Dr. Natty Bandasak on Scaling A 7-Figure Practice
    • Dr. Jarred Boyd on Athletic Reconditioning
    • Dr. Yves Gege on Time Management and Systems Thinking for Entrepreneurs
    • Chris Johnson on Training and Rehabbing the Endurance Athlete
    • Joshua Lee Clay on Programming Principles
    • Daniel Young on Force Testing in Rehab and Training
    • Alicia Jamieson on Positive Psychology and Coaching
  • Supplementary Lectures
    • 80/20 Capacity Screen Coaching Videos
    • 80/20 GPP Coaching Videos
    • Introduction to Multi-directional Speed
    • Mindset on Business
    • Mindset on Branding
    • Content Creation
    • How to Take a Discovery Call
    • Sales Psychology
    • Lead Generation
    • How To Build Relationships and Connections
    • Advice From A Millionaire Client: How To Reverse-Engineer Your Life And Then Your Business
    • What You Need To Get Started

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