In-person seminars that will completely change the way you look at movement, rehab, and training

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Not your typical weekend seminar

You've probably done a lot of three letter certifications already but they never actually helped you feel complete. Does this sound familiar?

You learn a few new tricks that you might implement but you have no idea how it's scaled, there's no actual support after the mentorship, and there's no way of keeping in touch with everyone from the weekend.

That's what we are trying to change!

Develop A New Perspective on Movement

One of our goals for the weekend is to completely change the way that you see human movement

Support From The Host And Your Community

Private Slack group and follow-up virtual group call to continue to make improvements

Live Coaching, Troubleshooting, and Breakouts

We believe there is nothing more important than showing you how we work and showing you live

Foundations Curriculum

  • Day 1:
    • The state of healthcare
    • Medicine 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0
    • Modern pain science concepts
    • Principles, heuristics, and methods
    • Complex systems, non-linearity, predictive processing
    • Biomechanics, physics, and movement science terminology
    • Lower body mobility screens
    • Lower body capacity screens
    • Biomechanics of the foot and knee
    • Break down of functional training patterns(squat, hinge, push, pull, carry, lunge, and more)
    • And more!
  • Day 2
    • Functional screen vs. functional diagnosis
    • Dynamic systems theory and application
    • Upper body mobility screens
    • Upper body capacity screens
    • Biomechanics of the lumbopelvic region
    • Biomechanics of the ribcage and scapula
    • Programming and training considerations
    • Break down of certain specific skills(locomotor training, plyometrics, medicine ball, kettlebells, barbells, multidirection speed, and more)
    • How to reverse engineer and perform a needs analysis
    • How it all ties together
    • And more!

Professional networking after day one

  • We are big believer in community so we set up a happy hour after the first day to get the group together
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals that could lead to career opportunities and more

Continued support from  community

  • Lifetime access to private Slack group with other attendees from the event
  • Follow-up virtual group Zoom call to help you with any barriers to implementation and success

Additional resources and bonuses

  • Access to all of the content from professional photographers and videographers that will be creating content during the weekend
  • A group training program that will allow you to put what you learned from the seminar to test
  • And more!

SeeĀ what coaches and clinicians have to say

Our goal is toĀ make sure that you leave the weekend feeling moreĀ capable than you did coming in and we know this happens becauseĀ 100% of all attendees surveyed said they would recommend us to their colleagues

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