Seminars andĀ mentorships programs to help movement providers bridge the gap from rehab to performance


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Most coachesĀ  feel confident with training but not rehab.


Most clinicians feel confident with rehab but not training.

We're here to change that.

Develop the confidence to work with people that have nagging injuries and help them get back to high performance again

Moment Foundations

Our two-day weekend course that covers the fundamental topics regarding biomechanics, mobility, training, and more.

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Moment Mentorship

Our intensive three-month online mentorship that breaks down our complete framework on rehab, performance, and more.

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Organizations that we support

$20,000.00+ donated to organizations that support our youthĀ with resources they need to live a healthier lifestyle

No Limits Foundation

No Limits Foundation provides camps for children with limb loss and differences. The camp aims to provide education, mentorship, and support to these children and their families.

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STOKED Mentoring

STOKED collaborates with schools, community organizations, and a network of dedicated mentors to bridge the opportunity gap for low-income youth, and prepare them for a vibrant, fulfilled life after high school

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Volo Kids Foundation

The Volo Kids Foundation uses the power of play to build communities of active, resilient, and confident kids through quality sports programs and opportunities at no cost to families

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